If you’re in the market to rent a house, you’ll be delighted to see the beautiful rental homes HomeVestors® has to offer.

Our houses for rent started out as diamonds in the rough, and after polishing them up, they truly shine. We’re America’s No. 1 home buyer, and these are homes that we have handpicked and renovated for the specific purpose of becoming rentals.

These fully renovated homes function as good as or better than brand new properties! Even after renovating them, we can still offer them for an incredibly low monthly rental payment because of our innovative financing system.

We Buy Ugly Houses

Our more than 200 HomeVestors independently owned and operated franchises throughout the US (also known as We Buy Ugly Houses®) all have the experience to identify houses that really are hidden gems. Although many of these homes might have a cosmetic fault or two, we see their real potential to be incredibly beautiful homes.

These are the homes HomeVestors franchisees usually purchase — in “as-is” condition for a cash buyout.

We buy homes for cash because this allows us to avoid dealing with expensive bank markups. HomeVestors franchises don’t stop with just buying these ugly homes. We renovate, repair, and update every home we buy with the assistance of professional remodelers. All of these homes receive a glamorous makeover that takes them from ugly to lovely rental homes.

Search To Rent a Home Now

HomeVestors franchisees have freshly renovated rental homes available in 33 states. If you’d like to rent a home, you can search online to see the rental homes we have available on our website. The map below will give you the listing information you need when you’d like to rent a house from HomeVestors.

Searching to rent a home from HomeVestors is easy, and it takes just three simple steps with our conveniently searchable map. Just click on your state, click on the area where you want to rent a house, and begin searching through our available rental homes immediately. Searching through our rent a home properties is absolutely free and puts you under no obligation to rent a house from us.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our Buyers’ Frequently Asked Questions.

It doesnt matter if you’re just beginning your search to rent a house, you found a few rental houses in our database listings that you’d like to check out, or you just have questions about how to rent a house from HomeVestors, wed appreciate the opportunity to speak with you.

Call us anytime at (866) 200-6475, or contact us via email through our website contact form. We’ll get in touch with you quickly with information and the details about the rental homes we have available in your area.

Thinking you might want to buy a home instead of rent a home? You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how affordable purchasing a home from HomeVestors can be. Bank of America® is even currently offering special mortgage financing for home buyers purchasing a HomeVestors home. Contact HomeVestors to learn more about this special financing from Bank of America, for information about buying a home, or to rent a home from us.