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Testimonials and Reviews

Hear what other people are saying about HomeVestors and We Buy Ugly Houses

HomeVestors came in and made it all happen
"I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for your compassion towards my mom, Marion Swan.

She was in a difficult situation. She was left a home that needed extensive repairs and a financial burden she could not afford. The loss of her home after 38 years of memories was an emotional time for my mother.

HomeVestors came in and made it all happen; hassle free, quickly and true to your word, no hidden surprises. You gave her the ability to be financially worry free.

Integrity, honesty and compassion should be your motto.

I would highly recommend HomeVestors to anyone seeking to sell their home.

Thank you again,
The family of Marion Swan"

- ,

Hopeless Situation Resolved!
"My situation was almost hopeless. Unemployed and behind on my mortgage, I decided to call HomeVestors. This proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The agents were professional, courteous and most of all, understanding. I feel they are close friends…and I have a very strong trust for them. I would recommend HomeVestors to anyone."

- Dennis Ray Potter, Austin, TX

HomeVestors helped me with an emotional dilemma.
"I would like to thank Homevestors, and especially Mr. Donnie Coker for helping me with a very delicate and emotional dilemma.

After my mother passed away, all of her financial burdens fell upon me, even though I have several siblings. My mother had no will and thus all assets, including her house went into probate. I was selected as the executor of her estate and tried to keep the dwelling in our family; but with no help from my siblings, financially it became too much to handle. I needed to sell the house quickly but not to the point of giving away what had amounted to a lifetime of hard work for my parents.

I used the Homevestors nationwide website to offer the house for consideration by your company and was contacted almost immediately. I asked for an amount that I thought was on the low end of reasonable but still expected to haggle. I was very pleased when the offer was accepted. Since then, though we have had some legal ramblings, Homevestors understood my situation and I have been treated with empathy, courtesy and with tremendous respect.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with Homevestors and would pass on my strongest recommendation to anyone interested in a quick but fair settlement for their house. Customer service is not a thing of the past, it is alive and well and seems to be the foundation of your company and I appreciate it greatly."

- James Conley, Jr.,

HomeVestors worked to get my property sold
"What was a hard, stressful situation was made a whole lot easier due to HVA. I was treated with great respect as HomeVestors worked to get my property sold and get Denise and I into a new home. We ended up with a better home, and a brighter future."

- Jeffery & Denise Finch, Jamaica Plain, MA

HomeVestors Simplified The Process
"The HomeVestors office was very professional and friendly. They really simplified the home selling process for us. I would absolutely recommend HomeVestors to anyone in the same situation."

- Kathy Marion, Somerville, MA

A Huge Burden Lifted Off My Shoulders
"I can’t thank you and your staff enough! You lifted a huge burden off my shoulders and you will be forever in my prayers."

- Catherine Grubb, Philadelphia, PA

Like Selling My House To A Friend
"I feel like there were a lot of companies that I could have sold to, but no one would have treated my family as well as your whole office has. HomeVestors allowed me two extra days to remove my belongings with no problems. They understood moving is a rough experience."

- Misty Pulley, Hampton, VA

Recomends Homevestors Without Hesitation
"Our HomeVestors representative was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was able to close on the house quickly. Without hesitation I would recommend HomeVestors, and I already have."

- Alex Mlavsky, Framingham, MA

Very Helpful, Patient and Understanding
"My experience with the HomeVestors office and personnel was excellent. They were very helpful, patient and understanding."

- Mary Sills, Philadelphia, PA

Just Wonderful! HomeVestors Was A Real Life Saver!
"The HomeVestors representatives were just wonderful. They bought our house and then at the last minute, they let us rent it out to us for three more months. HomeVestors was a real life saver. We definitely recommend HomeVestors."

- Lisa and Randy Golding, Purcellville, VA

Helped Manage Sale From Another City
"What a pleasure it was to work with you and your staff! We came to you during a difficult time for my family and needed to sell a house at a fair price. On top of that we had to manage the sale from another city and didn’t have time to devote to the process. You were so knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating during every step. I will always be grateful for your honesty and professionalism."

- Tish Hinojosa Elliott, Austin, TX

HomeVestors Helped A Family Member
"HomeVestors made the process of selling my mother’s house an easy and pleasurable experience. They were fair and honest, and an all around pleasure to deal with. They have greatly helped my elderly and disabled mother get through the house selling process. I highly recommend HomeVestors."

- Sam Reese, Gainesville, FL

HomeVestors Was My Answer!
"I lived in the house for 32 years, and spent the last three years trying to fix it up and sell. Finally, I had to sell it quickly and was tired of putting money into rehabbing the house, plus traveling more than 65 miles to work each day. A friend of mine encouraged me to call even though I really didn’t have an ugly house. They saw the care and the work that I put into the house, and they made me a great offer. HomeVestors was my answer!"

- Brenda Turetsky, Atlanta, GA

Upfront and Honest!
"The HomeVestors representatives were very nice to me and my husband during the sale of our house. They were very honest and upfront with all situations involving the sale and closing. I definitely will recommend them to all my friends."

- Sheila and Riley McGuire, Montgomery, AL

In Our Corner
"We are so happy we found HomeVestors. We wanted to sell our house fast and they made it very easy. Everyone else gave us a hard time and then did nothing. HomeVestors came in and made everything work. They are wonderful people to have in your corner when you need to sell fast."

- Mr. and Mrs. Fabiano, Halifax, MA

HomeVestors Closed On My Schedule!
"I owned my house for more than 10 ten years and I put a lot of work into it to make it nice. I called HomeVestors because I needed to sell my house quickly. The HomeVestors representative came right out to visit with me. They really appreciated the work I had put into my home. While the representative felt I deserved to make more money, I thought the offer was fair. I liked that HomeVestors paid cash and I wouldn’t have to worry about someone else needing to sell their home before they bought my home. HomeVestors was able to close on my schedule which was really needed, plus each time I called for something, they were pleasant and responsive. My experience with HomeVestors was a positive one."

- Jim Fucciolo, Winfield, IL

HomeVestors Gave Me The Price I Needed!
"After my brother passed away a year ago, I listed his home with a real estate agent for six months with no results, I decided to call HomeVestors and some other investors. The other investors weren’t sure about anything, but my HomeVestors representative spent a lot of time with me explaining various solutions to our situation. I was very impressed with the information she gave me, plus the price was just what I needed to help my brother's children. (HomeVestors was) looking out for my best interests and I came away impressed with the service. I would gladly recommend HomeVestors."

- Felicia L. Gaines, Aurora, IL

No More Landlord Hassles
"I inherited a house and was using it for a rental, but I couldn't keep up with all the repairs. I had a hard time in chasing the rent, finding qualified contractors who were reputable and quick, so I called HomeVestors. They were wonderful, they were fast, and they kept all their promises. I recommend them to anyone, especially people who have property and need to get rid of it fast. The hassles of being a landlord weren't worth it for me."

- Sandra Grandy, San Antonio, TX

Homevestors Was Extremely Patient With Us!
"We were very satisfied with the service that HomeVestors gave to us, and the attention to our specific needs. Our HomeVestors representative was extremely patient with us! Thanks HomeVestors!"

- Jean Howell and Ginger Wilson, Tampa, FL

HomeVestors Was Great!
"The rental property I had needed so much work, I couldn’t believe it. I was in the process of getting a dumpster to clean out the house that the renters had trashed, holes in the walls, just a mess. That’s when I contacted HomeVestors after seeing the billboard. The HomeVestors rep came out and surveyed the house. I was just looking to break even.

I knew it would take too much money to fix it up again, money I couldn’t afford to use fixing the house again. When HomeVestors offered a fair price, and I found out I could actually make some money, I was thrilled. It was a huge weight lifted from me, I was debt free now. They made it easy for me, they explained everything. HomeVestors was great."

- Angela Williams, Oklahoma City, OK

I Have Already Recommended HomeVestors
"I had renters for several years and for some reason, they just packed up one day and left the house in shambles. I didn’t want to put any more money into it than I already had two years earlier, so I looked online. Many online companies did not respond; one did by email.

HomeVestors contacted me by phone, they came out and looked at the property and were really friendly. They were able to offer me a very fair offer. They explained everything, the process from offer to closing was wonderful, we were able to close near my work so I didn’t have to miss work. The HomeVestors representatives were very friendly and completely up front and honest. I have already recommended them to relatives that have several rental properties."

- Yvonne Kearby, Ft. Worth, TX

Phenomenal Experience
"I want to thank HomeVestors for the phenomenal experience I had working with my representative and his staff. Selling my house through HomeVestors was the best experience I could have asked for!

I owned my house for 17 years and was happy with it, but over time my personal situation had changed. I needed to sell quickly or face foreclosure. HomeVestors worked with me and my bank to help me sell my house, save my credit and free me from an UGLY situation.

Overall, my experience with HomeVestors has been very professional, honest, friendly and helpful. I would recommend HomeVestors to anyone trying to sell a house!"

- Ronald Sauer, Madison, WI

Fast - Easy - Joyful
"HomeVestors made it easy for us to sell our house. The representative was very joyful and easy to work with. The process was very fast."

- Cuc Nguyen & Phung Nguyen, Tampa, FL

No Stress - The HomeVestors Way
"I was very happy with my experience with HomeVestors. They were very professional, helpful, and kept me informed on the progress of the sale of the house. They made it quick and easy with no stress. I would recommend and use HomeVestors again."

- Christopher L. Mahurin, Tampa, FL

Trustworthy, Helpful and Professional
"Thanks for the outstanding service and convenience your company provided me in the sale of my parents' home. Due to a medical hardship, my family elected to relocate our parents from the Midwest to the Southeast. Your company provided the perfect economic solution that eliminated all the hardships and worries associated with selling their home. In this world of diminishing personal service, I am thankful there are companies such as yours that remain trustworthy, helpful, fair and professional. I could not be more satisfied with the HomeVestors selling/buying experience.

P.S. “I’m a sales manager for a packaging company. I have eight sales reps that sell from Nashville to Key West, Mississippi to Myrtle Beach. If they all did what you did…we’d all be rich and my company would be sold out!”"

- Kevin J. Saunders, Roeland Park, KS

Fair and Smooth - The HomeVestors Way
"Selling my lifelong home, my first home sale ever, could have been a difficult process, but HomeVestors made it very easy. The fair evaluation of my property and home was confirmed to me by one of the area’s leading home sellers.

I was able to work out a day that worked with my schedule to facilitate the packing of decades of accumulated possessions, to close on the house. Working with HomeVestors allowed me to make the right decision at the right time, without headache or hitches.

Without hesitation I would recommend HomeVestors to others. While every individual’s situation is different, I have no question in my mind that the sale of my home was fair and smooth. I am very happy that HomeVestors bought my house!"

- Eric Uecker, Sussex, WI

HomeVestors Understood My Unique Situation
"Letting go is hard to do. At least that's the way my sister and I felt when it came to selling my parents' home. The house was in great need of repair. I saw the job of cleaning out their home, repairing and selling it, as an overwhelming and time consuming burden. That's when I decided to talk to HomeVestors.

HomeVestors seemed to understand my unique situation. I found them open to discussion, knowledgeable and willing to work with me to negotiate a fair price. They returned my calls quickly and went out of their way to help, far beyond expectation. I would certainly recommend HomeVestors as a good solution to someone who finds himself in such a unique situation as I was."

- Bob Ramsey, Barnhart, MO

HomeVestors Made Every Step Incredibly Easy
"Losing a parent is always difficult, and having to sell the family home is very difficult under the best of circumstances. My mother stayed in her home probably longer than she should have. Following her death, it took me several months to look over her home and make some decisions about repairs she had not done in the last five years.

One morning on the way to work, I had made up my mind to have everything simply hauled away for trash, then sell the house. That's when I saw the HomeVestors billboard, as if it was through providence, the universe, God, had put it there for me.

HomeVestors made every step of the process incredibly easy. When we found a lien against the house that no one knew about, the HomeVestors staff was so supportive. At the closing, I was very emotional, and the local HomeVestors (franchisee) brought me a plant. How thoughtful, considerate and professional. Thank you HomeVestors."

- Barbara W. Brown, O.D., Ferguson, MO

HomeVestors Created Trust
"Our experience with HomeVestors was excellent, fast and professional. We had a time constraint in regards to closing since we were moving out of the country, and we were able to close in 4 to 5 days, which we think is exceptional. We would definitely recommend HomeVestors to anyone selling their home."

- Stacy and Kameron Evans, Largo, FL

Smartest Decision We Ever Made
"My wife and I had been engaged in a financial tailspin with no relief in sight. We turned to HomeVestors for assistance and it was the smartest decision we ever made. From our initial contact to closing, everything moved along in a fluid and professional manner. They gave us a new lease on life in three weeks!"

- Brian and Ulla Christian, Apollo Beach, FL

HomeVestors Created Trust
"I wanted to thank HomeVestors for the wonderful customer experience that I had selling my father's home. The sensitivity in dealing with my 86-year-old father was most appreciated. Your kindness, flexibility and patience put my father at ease and most important, created a trust that made it easier for him to let go of a house he has lived in for 50 years. You allowed us plenty of time to move our possessions and your offer was most favorable...it's so rare these days to find a company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction...here's to your continued success. I will recommend you to all my friends."

- Linda April, St. Louis, MO

HomeVestors Guidance Helps Ease Burdens
"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of your help with the sale of my childhood home. My father left the home to me when he passed away, and it had become a burden on my family and me since we were not living in it. When I finally decided to sell it, I thought I would be taking a chance by calling HomeVestors, but as it turns out, it was probably the best thing I could have done.

I expected it to be rather complicated, but you guided me along the whole way. I must say that we truly appreciate your professionalism, guidance and help. I would gladly recommend HomeVestors to anyone in the market to sell a home."

- Pamela and Charles Hope, Goose Creek, SC

HomeVestors Kept The Promise To An Early NBA Star
"After inheriting and trying to fix a house in poor condition, I contacted HomeVestors. They seemed different and more professional than any investor or business I had spoken with. They told me there would be no costs to me, and they were 100 percent correct when we closed the deal. All of the HomeVestors personnel I dealt with were completely honest and of the highest professionals standards.

If you are going to sell a home and don't want a lot of hassles over every little thing, be sure to talk to HomeVestors before you make any commitments.

PS: Like my picture' I'm a former professional NBA basketball player who helped my Syracuse team win the NBA Championship in 1955."

- Walter R. Osterkorn, Phoenix, AZ

HomeVestors Repairs Brings Bamboo Plant Gift
"I am extremely pleased with the way my transaction was handled through HomeVestors. I was executrix of my father's estate which included his residence and an adjacent rental property. Both homes needed some work and I didn't have the time or energy to get them in 'saleable' condition.

The negotiations were very fair and after careful consideration, I decided to sell the houses to HomeVestors. I was so pleased at the transactions outcome that at closing I purchased a bamboo plant for the local office."

- Brenda Helms, Macon, GA

Appreciation for HomeVestors' Sensitivity
"When my mother died, the family was at a loss on how to dispense of so many belongings, but most importantly, her house. She had never kept it up and we were quite embarrassed to show anyone how her home had fallen to such disrepair and neglect. The HomeVestors associate was sensitive to our needs and handled the closing quickly.

HomeVestors made sure that our needs had been met, and the office staff always made themselves available at any time for questions or concerns.

We accepted a very fair offer from HomeVestors because of the wonderful and professional people in their office, and their understanding of our situation. Working with HomeVestors made the issue of our mother's passing go a lot easier for us."

- Tomee Pharo, Madison, WI

HomeVestors Goes The Extra Step
"HomeVestors made the selling of my father's house a very positive experience. The house needed updating especially the kitchen, and HomeVestors knew that with a little fixing up, the home in a fairly nice neighborhood could be turned around in short order.

When I was presented with the HomeVestors offer, I accepted because it was fair and in the ballpark of what other similar houses were selling for in the area.

One of the things I appreciated most was that a house full of old junk that my father collected over many years was going to be picked up at my expense by a trash service. But the HomeVestors associate told me they would get rid of all the junk as part of their service to the customer, which also save me more than $500. A good experience for sure!"

- Sandy Lucas, Mason, OH

HomeVestors Professionalism
"I would recommend HomeVestors to anyone needing such a service. At a time when both expediency and efficiency were needed, you showed both in the handling of my paperwork, etc...It was a pleasure doing business with you."

- Bob Rigney, St. Louis, MO

No Pressure; Just Trust
"At no time did I ever feel pressured to sell. I felt assured that every obstacle would be overcome, and that I wouldn't have to do it alone. Not that (the franchisee) offered to help me actually move out, but I think if I had needed extra hands, he could have found them. All in all, I felt I was dealing with a professional."

- Deanna Burden, San Marcos, TX

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