HomeVestors® Blog | September 2015

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Why Are Realtor Commissions So High?

Photo courtesy. Realtors in the United States charge commissions that are higher than what you’d find in most of the developed world. But why is it so costly to work with an agent? Many believe that real estate agents are unnecessary middlemen who have overcharged the public for far too long. The typical real estate […]

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I’m Moving For Work – How Do I Sell My House?

Photo courtesy. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to move very quickly for a new job, one of first and potentially most stressful tasks to take care of is selling your home. It’s often difficult to know how long the process will take in your specific market, but you’re always […]

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Is the California Real Estate Market Overvalued Again?

Photo courtesy. California makes up 4.3% of the country’s land area but 23% of its land value, and according to the financial magazine Barron’s, 6 of the nation’s Top 10 most overvalued housing markets are in California. The market doesn’t look dangerous yet, but this could be the first sign of storm clouds on […]

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