HomeVestors® Blog | October 2015

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Prepare Your Pipes For the First Frost of the Season

It’s right around the time that most regions in the country are going to experience the first frost of the season.  That means it’s time to start thinking about winterizing the home. In particular, this means protecting any and all pipes that are exposed to the elements. Here are some things to keep in mind […]

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Forbes: Wall Street’s Dive Into Real Estate Might Go Bust

Photo courtesy. A recent report by Forbes outlined the fact that a number of Wall Street funds plunged head first into real estate during the housing crisis, but it might not be paying the dividends that they expected. Real Estate firms that are focused on investing have spent billions in buying residential housing. This past […]

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Will This Home Automation Tech Raise the Value of Your House?

Home automation tools like the Nest thermostat are becoming more popular with homeowners. If you’re planning on selling your house within the next year or so, you may be wondering if installing some home automation tech increase the value of your home. Most experts say no. Background The product of a highly funded and […]

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