HomeVestors® Blog | January 2016

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5 Ways to Lower Your Mortgage Payment

For many American homeowners, the mortgage payment is the hardest monthly expense to pay. If you can’t afford your mortgage payment, you have other options to try before you face foreclosure. Say goodbye to private mortgage insurance. If your down payment was less than 20 percent, you might be paying hundreds of dollars a […]

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2016 Real Estate Predictions

Photo Credit It’s officially 2016 and we’re left wondering what surprises are ahead in the real estate industry.  Our panel of experts includes real estate agents and lenders from across the country. Each present their own predictions for 2016’s real estate market on the national level, and from their local vantage point. Danielle Procopio […]

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Is Selling Above Market Value Do-able?

Photo Credit When people try to sell their home through a traditional real estate agent, they usually have to figure out what price they’re willing to list their home.  A good real estate agent will be able to look at comparable properties in the neighborhood, see what they sold at recently, and develop an estimated […]

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