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7 Easy Steps to Open Your Pool for Summer

Photo Credit There’s a right way and a wrong way to get your swimming pool ready for the lazy days of summer.  Miss any of these seven simple steps, and you could create hours of extra drudgery for yourself, or even cause damage to your pool.  But if you do it right, you can clean […]

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4 Ways Brexit Shakes Up Home Buying and Selling in the U.S.

Photo Credit Could a political decision in the U.K. have any effect on buying or selling a home in the U.S.? Yes, say the experts. In our interconnected global economy, the economic ripples from Brexit are already being felt here in America, especially by those planning to buy or sell a home.  While the U.K.’s […]

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My First Real Estate Deal: Lessons Learned

Everyone that dips their toe into the world of real estate has come across a few mistakes from time to time, but there is something “lasting” from our first lessons learned.  We asked a few real estate professionals what mistakes they made from their first real estate deals, and what lessons learned they would like to […]

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