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How to Prepare Your House for the Winter

Photo Credit The winter weather is quickly approaching. The snow, cold wind, and frost will all do a number on your home if you are not prepared for it. In order to avoid mass chaos throughout the winter and into the spring, do what you can to winterize your home. Why Winterize? Winterizing your home […]

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Selling a House with a Federal Tax Lien

Photo Credit Even the most experienced realtors have a hard time wrapping their brain around selling a house with a tax lien.  But the good news is you can sell real property, even if it has a federal tax lien attached under one circumstance.  The federal tax lien has to greater then the amount of […]

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How to Survive a Home Inspection

Photo Credit A home inspection is necessary for almost any sort of property deal. During the inspection, a professional will confirm that there are no serious, undisclosed issues. Many times, closing on a home is contingent on a successful inspection. If you are new to selling real estate, the prospect of having a home inspection […]

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