HomeVestors® Blog | December 2016

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Selling your House? What To Do If You Have Lots Of Showings But No Offers

Photo Credit Congratulations on packing up your home and putting it up for sale on today’s market. This is a feat that not all people can manage. Unfortunately, if you are visiting this page, you most likely feel unlucky because no one is making any offers on your home! You have obviously been waiting […]

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Could Your Christmas Tree Lead to a Home Pest Infestation?

Photo Credit With the holiday season coming up, families all over the country are visiting tree retailers to pick out the perfect Christmas tree for their home. However, many may also be getting more than they bargained for when they find their tree to be a vector for all types of insects. Not all […]

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How Hard Will It Be to Sell Your Home In 2017?

Photo Credit Have you found yourself in possession of a home that you would really like to sell? Maybe this home holds bad memories, maybe you have lost a loved one and inherited the home, or maybe you must move out of the house in pursuit of another job or home in another location. […]

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