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Should Investors Buy Upside Down Homes?

Photo courtesy Real estate investors are an opportunistic bunch, and we’re always looking for those hidden treasures that have the potential to turn the next big profit. But it’s a balancing act. The projects that promise the biggest rewards often come with the biggest risks, and something that a lot of real estate gurus have […]

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Average Size of American Homes: Is It Too much?

An adage rings true for our current state. The bigger the better. Meal portions. Waistlines. Automobiles. Now, houses. In 2013, the average home size jumped to the largest ever at 2,598 square feet. Compare that to 30 years ago when the average home was 1,725 square feet. Those numbers surpass those of the housing-bubble crash […]

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Nightmares fixing up a home to sell

Ask anyone who has sold a home recently, and you’re sure to hear some nightmare stories about the time and expense needed to prep it for sale. Whether it’s fixing structural issues that came up during the inspection or just getting it show-ready, selling a home through traditional channels is fraught with headaches. We delved […]

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When selling your home turns into a nightmare

Photo courtesy There’s a common misconception that selling a home is supposed to provide a healthy profit. Houses are investments, after all. But the reality is not so simple. Homeowners who choose to sell their houses through traditional channels often watch as profits and years of equity are wiped out by expense after expense, starting […]

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Population Booms Are Driving Up Home Values In These Cities

For the past three decades, Americans have taken author Horace Greeley’s famous words to heart. “Go west.” Americans have migrated inland and purchased homes, causing cities in the southern and western United States to swell — some more than quadrupling in population during that time span. Those new residents transformed their host cities, helping to […]

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What Makes a House Ugly? The McMansion Question – The Wall Street Journal

HomeVestors – What Makes a House Ugly? The McMansion Question Dec 11 2007, By Dana Mattioli / The Wall Street Journal What makes a house ugly? This Sarasota, Fla.-house (at left) was just awarded the title of “Ugliest House of the Year” by HomeVestors of America, a Dallas-based company whose franchisees buy and sell homes in […]

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