How to Sell Fast when you have a New Job

How to Sell Fast when you have a New Job

Your family is probably overjoyed at the new job that means moving to a new state, more opportunities and a nice increase in salary. However, there is still the matter of selling the house. Unfortunately, many job transfers require you to report to the new job quickly, and it may be difficult to sell a home fast. Whatever you do, do not panic. Any one of these options may resolve your housing situation or sell your home quickly.

Pricing Your Home Realistically

Regardless of the upgrades you’ve put into your home since you moved in, you have to be realistic when pricing the home for a fast sale. Particularly, if it is a buyer’s market.

Focus on what similar homes in your neighborhood are selling for, not the prices they are listed at. Make sure the asking price of the house is competitively priced.

If your home is underwater and realistically priced, but it still will not sell, consider refinancing. This could provide new financial options and provide additional time when trying to sell.

Contact an experienced realtor to set a realistic price, and get your home listed.

Advertise Like Crazy!

• Make up detailed flyers with a photo, price and telephone number. Distribute them around town to local businesses including hotels and restaurants.

• Let the Internet spread the word for you. Place advertisements in online classifieds, and take advantage of social networking sites.

• Hold an open house on weekends. Put up extra-large sales signs with your phone number and place them in the front and rear of your yard.

Modify Loan Terms

Transferring to a new state and selling in a short time frame is difficult. You might benefit with a mortgage modification.

Although this solution won’t actually result in a sale, it could buy you some time to sell your home and reduce your financial stress when trying to move. Home loan modification options can vary between lenders, but you might arrange to:

• Obtain a new interest rate that is much lower to reduce the monthly mortgage payment.

• Increase the length of the loan. Converting from a 30-year loan to a 40-year loan could significantly reduce monthly payments.

• Refinance the existing loan.

Staging Homes for a Fast Sale

Staging a home helps to sell it faster and often for a higher selling price according to Bankrate. The idea of staging is to show off the best qualities and features of a home. Staged homes outshine every home in the neighborhood and are ready for immediate occupancy with no glaring problems or major renovations required.

A well-staged home is:

• Sparkling clean.

• Has well defined rooms.

• Has fresh paint throughout in neutral colors.

• Is decluttered and smells clean and fresh.

• Has curb appeal.

• Looks and feels comfortable to buyers.

Sell it to Homevestors

If you are in a timeline crunch to sell fast, consider selling to Homevestors. They buy homes in any condition, pick up the closing costs, and your home may be sold in as little as 30 days.

Short Sale

According to Home Guides, short sales are another sales option. In a short sale, the homeowner and the bank come to terms on a reduced price to obtain a sale on the home. Some lenders will forgive the deficiency and others do not, which means you make up the difference. Beware; this can affect your credit rating negatively.

Selling a home quickly can be done with research, proper planning, a good real estate agent or simply selling to a company like Homevestors.