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Total of 1,045 ratings from actual sellers ( 01/2019 - 01/2023)
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Ratings taken from a time period between 01/2019 - 01/2023

  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    Sharon A. (San Antonio, Texas) • 1/22/2023
  • HomeVestors-one-star-rating
    The realtor that handled the sale of my home did not keep his word. This resulted in me loosing many personal possessions. I was devastated. I have already had 5 potential sales that could have been referred to HomeVestors but I recommended they NOT use this company.
    Myra S. (St. Augustine, Florida) • 1/22/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    We needed to sell our house quickly and we knew it needed work. Andrew [HomeVestors franchisee] was amazingly honest and made us feel confident in our choice to sell to HomeVestors. He made the process completely transparent and even advised us as to how much more we might get on the open market if we chose to do that. He broke it down and showed us comps to make an informed decision. In the end, while we did have some higher offers, we chose to go with HomeVestors because Andrew made us feel confident that it would be a smooth transaction. Also knowing that the end goal of the company is to repair, update, then sell our home was comforting. I like knowing it will go on to be an awesome home for someone else to make memories in. Especially because we didn't have the money or time to get it there ourselves.
    Danielle C. (Grand Prairie, Texas) • 1/20/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    Fast and easy, and they explained everything clearly.
    Jill W. (Cypress, Texas) • 1/18/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    Ash Boulos [HomeVestors franchisee] was fantastic.
    Clara P. (Carrollton , Texas) • 1/14/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    When a previous investor backed out of buying my property, JR [HomeVestors franchisee] and the team came through. It was a great experience working with HomeVestors.
    Elwood Z. (Taylors, South Carolina) • 1/12/2023
  • HomeVestors-four-half-star-rating
    Owen D. (Fridley, Minnesota) • 1/9/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    Start to finish easy and painless, thanks Daniel [HomeVestors franchisee].
    John M. (Bonita Springs, Florida) • 1/9/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    Sal Russo [HomeVestors franchisee] worked with me to sell my mother’s home after she passed. He was very patient when we ran into issues and worked with me to solve them.
    Lynn A. (Plainville , Massachusetts) • 1/7/2023
  • HomeVestors-five-star-rating
    For my situation, it was a no brainer. I highly enjoyed working with Jason Malusky [HomeVestors franchisee]. He made the process go smoothly and without delays.
    Denise W. (Fargo, North Dakota) • 1/5/2023

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