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Selling a home can be a confusing and stressful ordeal when you are just looking to sell your house fast. If unexpected problems like tax liens or probate issues pop up, the stress and frustration can feel overwhelming.

That’s what makes personal service in real estate so important. At HomeVestors, we’ve helped over 140,000 homeowners through situations just like yours and more. We even expanded our services during the Covid-19 pandemic to include virtual consultations, so we could continue serving you when you need, according to Forbes.com. We understand your situation and, more importantly, we are going to guide you to your fast and easy selling solution. If any obstacles arise, we’re there to help you navigate them, in person. You’re not alone.

We have a 95%* satisfaction rating with the homeowners that have said “YES” to our fair, all-cash offers. Read more in our seller’s own words on how our in-person service makes all the difference.

WHAS Louisville interviews Paul Cobb from HomeVestors about the current status of the local housing market and the role of HomeVestors. Paul goes over the safety precautions the Louisville team takes when inspecting homes to make a proper cash offer, and how HomeVestors is still buying homes in this uncertain market.

What Makes An In-Person Offer Better?

We Buy Houses Cash

Today, there are buyers who contact you and make a “sight unseen” cash offer for your house. Sure, it sounds convenient and easy. But there’s a problem: when they actually look at your house, the offer often comes down. They see problems. Structural issues. Costly repairs. Wear and tear. That’s when they lower their price or ask you to pay for repairs.

At HomeVestors, we never make offers without seeing your house first. We visit you and your house in person. Or make a virtual visit. We can make a fair cash offer that you can trust.

Remember: The in-person offer is the one that really counts. And that’s the only kind we make.

Your Buyer Is Closer Than You Think.

We Buy Homes Fast & For Cash

Your independent HomeVestors® property specialist is locally based, living and working near you. He or she knows your town and knows the local market. And, most of all, they are right down the road; ready to come over and help you out… in person.

We pass each other in the grocery store. Our kids go to the same schools. We cheer for the same teams. We are neighbors and we will always treat you ethically, and will work hard to help resolve your situation. Plus, because our HomeVestors® representatives are local, they have the knowledge needed to make a fair, all cash offer when you need to sell your home fast. To meet your local HomeVestors® property specialist, just fill out this short form. A fast cash offer is a lot closer than you realize.


There were a lot of companies I could have sold to, but no one would have treated my family as well as your whole office has. HomeVestors allowed me two extra days to remove my belongings with no problems. They understood moving is a rough experience.

Verified Seller -Misty P., Hampton, VA

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