HomeVestors vs Local Flippers

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Not all cash home buyers operate the same.

We pay cash for houses

Have you noticed all the “mom and pop” cash home buyers popping up everywhere? Yep, us too. They all say the same thing, how they’ll buy any house in any condition for cash and close quickly. So, who should you trust?

How about America’s #1 home buyer, HomeVestors. We haven’t bought dozens of houses like the little guys, we’ve purchased over 100,000 houses nationwide. And, we didn’t just start doing this last month, we’ve been leading the industry since 1996. When we make a firm cash offer for your house…you can count on it.

If you’re thinking of selling to your local flipper, read below and see why you should consider HomeVestors.

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When you try to sell your house to a local flipper, you may find an experienced pro with an acceptable reputation. Then again, you might end up with a novice or unreputable person. These include people who attended a seminar or watched an HGTV show, and decided to “try their hand” at rehabbing a property. The results can be very frustrating.

Local flippers are not bound by a common code of ethics. Some of them make offers and back out. Others make an offer then ask you to make concessions for the repair and clean up. Many even encounter problems getting a loan. And, many novices get cold feet in the middle of the transaction and simply walk away.

You won’t encounter these issues with HomeVestors. We make firm cash offers that don’t change before closing. There are no bank delays. And we all embrace the same standards: buying houses “as is” – that means no cleanup or repair needed. We can close in as little as 3 weeks or on your timeline (taking long if you choose).

A local flipper may seem eager to buy your house, but there are many potential headaches. When you want a fast, firm, all cash offer that you can really trust, call HomeVestors.

Go with the cash home buyer you can trust... HomeVestors.

We have the experience and know-how to close on your house as promised! Let us take a quick look at your house and then we can make you a firm cash offer on the spot that won’t change before closing. That’s all there is to it.

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