HomeVestors vs Online Buyers

Know the difference.

Can You Trust Sight Unseen Offers?

HomeVestors is the top among companies that buy property for cash.

Recently, several online home buyers have emerged that make attractive initial offers without even seeing your house. Not many homeowners realize upfront that the initial price offered usually isn’t the final purchase price. Hidden fees are not uncommon either. How is that fair (or convenient) to you?

When we buy a house, it always starts with a personal or virtual visit. After a quick consultation, we can make you a fair, no-obligation offer on the spot. You can trust our fast offer will not change before closing. And, we’ll be there to walk you through every step of the sale.

See the chart below on how HomeVestors compares to online home buyers.

Look at the DifferenceOnline Home BuyersHomeVestors
Personalized Service
Locally Based
Years in Business
Varies; many are startups
25 years
Sticks To Original Fast Offer
Charges Hidden Fees At Closing
Covers Typical Closing Costs
Share a Defined Code Of Ethics

HomeVestors always sees your house before making an offer.

We Pay Cash For Houses

Let’s be honest: Would you make an offer on a house without seeing it? Online buyers do.

Online buyers use computer algorithms to make unsolicited, “sight-unseen” offers. If you are interested, they eventually look at your house in person. During their inspection, the offer often comes down. It’s not unusual to be asked to make allowances for clean up and repair. Then, at closing, you may be surprised with hidden fees and closing costs that had not been mentioned before.

You won’t encounter these types of issues with HomeVestors. We always visit your house in person first. Then we can make a fair and fast offer that we stand by. Because we buy “as is,” you’re never asked to pay for clean up or repair. There are no hidden fees, and we cover most typical closing costs.

Online buyers may seem like the easy option at first, but you can’t count on their offer being fast. HomeVestors is America’s #1 home buyer because we’ve purchased over 125,000 houses since 1996 the same way…in person with no surprises. When you want a fast, fast, all cash offer you can count on, call HomeVestors. We have the track record to prove it, just read HomeVestors reviews.

Get An Offer You Can Trust.

Forget the bait and switch! Let us take a quick look at your house and then we can make you a fast cash offer on the spot that won't change before closing. That's all there is to it.

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