How to sell your Atlanta fixer-upper house fast

How to sell your Atlanta fixer-upper house fast

What is considered a fixer-upper house, and do you need to renovate in order to sell? 

A fixer-upper house refers to a house that needs repairs, renovations, or remodeling to make it a safe and appealing living space. The degree of work required to get it to a satisfactory state varies widely.  

Some fixer-upper houses in Atlanta need mostly cosmetic work, such as repairing and refinishing hardwood floors, removing old wallpaper, or replacing hardware on kitchen cabinets. However, the work required may be more heavy duty and expensive, such as major structural repairs, replacing old plumbing or wiring, or a complete remodel of the kitchen and bathroom.  

The level of renovation needed to sell a fixer-upper house in Atlanta depends on how much money the owner is willing to sink into it and the amount of work required. Selling a fixer-upper house in Atlanta is challenging, but possible. It’s important to know your options. 

Is your Atlanta house a fixer-upper house? 

Are you asking yourself, “Should I fix my house or sell it ‘as is?’” In order to decide how much fixing-up your house needs in order to be considered a “fixer-upper,” there are a few things to consider, and getting a pre-listing inspection is a smart first step.  

House inspection costs range between $250 and $600 in Atlanta, according to Houzeo. That is money well spent when trying to decide what, if anything, to repair or upgrade on your fixer-upper house. Some repairs are needed to meet the FHA’s Minimum Property Standards, as most lenders won’t approve a loan for a house that doesn’t meet the standards. Meeting the standards on the checklist is important to sell your house the traditional way via a real estate agent. Some of them are: 

  • A sturdy foundation and house structure

  • Easy property access—direct street access 

  • A roof with at least 2 years of life left in it 

  • Plumbing fixtures in good working shape 

  • A well-ventilated basement

  • A functioning water heater

Should you sell your house “as is” or make repairs and updates? 

After your pre-inspection, if your house meets the Minimum Property Standards, discuss how to price your house with a real estate agent. Look into what you can do to improve your fixer-upper house with minimum effort and outlay of money in order to sell. Some easier and less expensive improvements include: 

  • Give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral color.

  • Declutter your house and remove personal objects, such as family photos.

  • Replace leaky faucets or fix them.

  • Deep clean your house and scour sinks, toilets, and bathtubs until they sparkle.

  • Make sure your house smells nice and fresh.

  • Replace dingy outlet covers and light-switch plates.

  • Polish floors.

  • Remove worn and faded rugs, carpets, and window dressings.

  • Spruce up the yard, remove debris, and place a pot of flowers on the doorstep. 

Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint may cover water stains from leaky roofs, but it’s important to honestly disclose the condition of your home to any potential buyer when selling a fixer-upper house. 

How to sell a fixer-upper house in Atlanta 

When marketing your house through a real estate listing, focus on its good points and potential. Does your house have a great floor plan? Is it in a wonderful location but just needs some work? Does it have beautiful, old, historic wood moldings? Mature trees?  

Make sure your real estate agent mentions in the (Multiple Listing Service) MLS listing that renovation loans are an available option. There are also some Georgia tax credit programs for renovating historic properties. 

How to sell a fixer-upper house: Who are potential buyers? 

Potential buyers of fixer-upper real estate include buyers on a limited budget who will buy a house that needs updates and plan on gradually fixing it up. Also, many handy people enjoy doing renovations to make a house truly their own.  

Cash house buyers are another option, and there are great advantages and benefits when selling to a reputable company such as HomeVestors®. HomeVestors presents fair cash offers, often even for houses that don’t meet the Minimum Property Standards. 

How to sell a fixer-upper house fast 

HomeVestors specializes in buying houses in “as is” condition and closing fast, generally in a matter of weeks instead of months. You don’t have to lift a finger to do anything to your house—you don’t even have to clean it! We make things convenient and simple for fixer-upper house sellers.

Simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our friendly Atlanta property specialist will meet you in person at your house, answer your questions, and explain the streamlined process. We can often give you a fair cash offer on the spot. If you accept, you’re on the fast track to a quick closing, often in as little as 3 weeks! 

We are a privately owned, nationwide U.S. real estate investing franchisor, and our business has been operating since 1996. We’ve bought over 140,000 properties since then. Our happy customers rate us with a high 95%* rating, and we’re honored to have great reviews.

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