How to sell your house off-market in Atlanta

How to sell your house off-market in Atlanta

What does it mean to sell your house off-market in Atlanta?

Selling off-market, also known as a “pocket sale,” “direct sale,” or “whisper listing,” means you aren’t advertising the sale of your house. Celebrities and high-profile people often do this for privacy reasons, and so do some “ordinary” people. You might not want people to know your house is on the market for a variety of reasons, or you may not want the intrusion of open houses, home showings, or a For Sale sign in your yard.

Often, sellers who want to sell their Atlanta house off-market will rely on a listing agent who is not a member of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). NAR banned pocket listings for their 1.5 million agents in 2020. Special, high-end agents have lists of potential buyers who are looking for a property that fits their desires, or the agents will network through financial advisors, country clubs, high-ranking agents, exclusive advertising, etc.

Alternatively, some people who sell off-market already know someone who wants to buy their house and don’t need an agent’s help at all. 

What are the advantages when you sell your house in Atlanta off-market? 

As already mentioned, privacy for some people is paramount, and they’d rather sell their real estate quietly and not have their house appear on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Reduced hassle is another benefit. Direct house sales are usually more streamlined and efficient, as there typically aren’t multiple potential buyers when selling a house off-market in Atlanta. If you sell your house directly, the process is usually much faster than selling the traditional way via a real estate agent or FSBO (for sale by owner).

Another advantage when you sell your house off-market in Atlanta is the potential for cost savings. Selling traditionally typically involves hefty real estate agent commissions, marketing expenses for staging and professional photography, and closing costs. Selling your Georgia house off-market may require fewer or no agent commissions, and off-market sales can allow more flexible negotiations and convenient closing times for both sellers and buyers.

Disadvantages of pocket sales in Atlanta, Georgia 

If you sell your house off-market, you may not make as much profit due to a limited pool of potential buyers—but all in all, when you sell your house directly you may save money in other ways. 

There are also concerns about direct sales and fair housing laws in some situations in Atlanta. If a real estate agent is helping a client sell their house off-market, they might be only targeting a certain pool of people, so it’s difficult to know if they are excluding some groups from seeing the property. 

Another way to sell your house off-market in Atlanta and sell your house fast 

If you want to sell your house fast but would prefer to sell discreetly and save money on real estate agent commissions and other fees, but don’t have a buyer lined up or your property isn’t high-end, you can still sell your house directly. HomeVestors® buys off-market houses for fair cash offers and closes quickly.

HomeVestors is America’s #1 home buyer, and you can sell your house to us “as is,” without having the hassle of preparing your house for market. No painting, no cleaning, no repairs needed, and you’re able to sell your house confidentially. Selling a house “as is” for a fair cash offer has never been easier or more convenient. 

How to sell your house off-market to HomeVestors® in Atlanta 

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly Atlanta property specialists. We’ll visit your house, take a tour, and answer any questions you may have. In many cases, we can provide a fair cash offer on the same day. Our property specialists live locally and are experts with the Atlanta housing market in order to accurately determine your house’s market value. We charge no commissions, have no hidden fees, and pay typical closing costs. 

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