Selling various types of property in Atlanta requires an understanding of the challenges of each. 

Selling various types of property in Atlanta requires an understanding of the challenges of each. 

What are the hurdles of selling different types of real estate? 

When selling distinct types of property in Atlanta, challenges vary depending on the kind of real estate you’re wanting to sell. From suburban homes in Alpharetta or Roswell to commercial properties, the Atlanta real estate market is diverse and continuously evolving. Understanding the differences in types of property is important for a smooth sale.

The importance of knowing the target market for your property type in Atlanta

Different buyers are interested in different types of real estate. Young professionals may prefer townhouses or condos close to the action in Midtown or Inman Park. Families would generally be attracted to single-family houses in Atlanta that have yards and are in good school districts. Investors and entrepreneurs are often interested in commercial properties. It’s important to tailor your pricing and marketing strategies for the correct audience when selling different types of properties.

Types of real estate in Atlanta

From skyscrapers downtown to newer homes in the suburbs, Atlanta’s real estate market is varied.

Single-family homes: Detached single-family homes form the largest sector in Atlanta’s real estate market, whether you are selling a historic house in Virginia-Highland or new construction in the Atlanta suburbs. Listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) under Class 1 Properties, sellers face a lot of competition. According to RocketHomes, the majority of houses in Atlanta are currently selling below asking price and averaging 32 days on the market.

Condos and townhouses: As with detached single-family houses in Atlanta, there is much competition when selling these types of properties, which are popular with young professionals due to their low maintenance. When selling, problems may arise related to HOA fees and regulations. These Atlanta homes are listed on the MLS under Class 2 Properties if they are under 4 stories tall.

Commercial properties: Atlanta has a thriving business environment, and although this type of real estate is in demand, sellers often have challenges due to unique business buyers and zoning regulations. Commercial properties aren’t listed on the MLS. Find a good commercial real estate agent in Atlanta or market your property on commercial or FSBO (for sale by owner) listings websites. It's important to note that most commercial property sellers work with an agent due to the complexities of selling this type of property.

Multi-family units: If your multi-family unit in Atlanta is no more than 12 units, it can be listed on the MLS under Class 4 Properties; if over 12 units and/or more than 4 stories, it can be listed on the MLS under Class 5 Properties. The market for these buildings is investors wanting rental income. Problems that may arise with these types of real estate are tenant management and property maintenance.

Obstacles faced by sellers of various property types in Atlanta, Georgia 

Unfortunately, financing contingencies when selling different types of real estate can lead to delays or even deal cancellations when selling any property. Fluctuating market conditions in Atlanta caused by inflation, interest rates, and unemployment are all to some extent unpredictable and can interfere with property sales in a negative manner.

Competition in the real estate market due to Atlanta’s popularity and fast growth can lead to lengthy times on the market. Inspections, repairs, and updates to get a property ready for sale can take time and be expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all these hurdles. Sell your property to HomeVestors® and avoid all the hassles of a traditional sale, no matter what your property type is in Atlanta.

Advantages of selling different types of real estate to HomeVestors® in Atlanta

HomeVestors in Atlanta can alleviate many problems associated with selling property. As a highly trusted cash property buyer in Georgia, we can save sellers time, money, and hassles.

For sellers who are in a time-sensitive situation, we can often close on a house in as little as 3 weeks while saving you money. For example, when you sell to us, there are no hefty real estate agent commissions. We have no hidden fees and pay typical closing costs. And you can sell your house “as is” to HomeVestors, eliminating costly repairs.

Simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation at your property. One of our friendly, local Atlanta property specialists will assess your structure and answer all your questions. Often, we can give you a fair cash offer right then and there. We determine our offer based on the condition of your property and the selling price of comparable properties nearby.

If you accept our offer, we can often close the deal in as little as 3 weeks and pay you cash.

You can trust HomeVestors® in Atlanta!

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