Wondering, “Should I make repairs before selling my home in Atlanta?”

Wondering, “Should I make repairs before selling my home in Atlanta?”

You can avoid repairs when selling a home.  

A big concern for anyone considering selling a house that needs repairs is the work and expense that goes into getting it ready for the market. All that can really eat into—or completely erase—the profit you’re hoping to make from the sale of your home.  

Consider what repairs really need to be made. 

Many homeowners look at cosmetic issues like a fresh coat of paint or new landscaping as repairs, but these are really items of preference. These relatively easy changes can make a house easier to sell, but they’re probably not going to make someone cancel a contract or cause a large reduction in the proceeds from the sale of your house. Another thing to consider is whether the changes that match your taste will appeal to prospective buyers. If not, that’s wasted money. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to selling a house that needs actual repairs, the larger the cost, the bigger the impact it can have on your sale. That could give you a lot to think about—is spending all that money worth it?  

Some repairs can stop a sale. 

Some states and lenders won’t even allow a homeowner to sell a house that needs repairs to the roof or foundation, or a house that has termite damage or an infestation. The same can go for asbestos or mold remediation. That work must be done and paid for by the seller before the sale moves forward, and they can be some of the most expensive repairs of all. In those cases, you really can’t avoid repairs when selling a home unless you can locate a buyer who is willing and able to buy it before you make any repairs to it. That not only takes a buyer who has the vision to see past what needs repairing, but probably also one with the resources to pay you cash with no need for a lender to approve funding for the purchase. 


Inspections can turn up big expenses. 

Most buyers will require a property inspection of any house they’re seriously considering. Finding that expensive repairs are needed can give them second thoughts about buying your house, and they would have the right to walk away completely. Or they could add the cost or completion of the repairs as a requirement before you can close the sale. If you can afford the time and expense to get those repairs done before you try to sell your house, it will probably pave the way for a smooth sale.  

You have options when it comes to selling a house that needs repairs.  

But there’s another answer to “Should I make repairs before selling my home?” If saving time and money up front is important, you won’t find a faster, easier way to sell your home than selling it “as is” to HomeVestors® Atlanta, fast for all cash.  

HomeVestors® can save you money and hassle.  

There’s a way that you don’t have to make a single repair, go through a property inspection, or have any showings or open houses—just ask HomeVestors for our fair, fast cash offer for your house in Atlanta, with its needed repairs and all. We don’t charge a commission, and we pay typical closing costs, so we could save you even more than the money you’ll save by avoiding repairs when selling a home. 

Working with us, you completely avoid repairs when selling a home—you won’t even have to clean a thing. Plus, we often close in as little as three weeks, or later if that’s more convenient for you. If you have belongings in the house you don’t want to move, just leave them be, and we’ll take care of them.  


Be advised that not all cash home buyers are the same.  

There are many people and companies buying homes for cash that you can call when you’re selling a house that needs repairs. While many of their claims resemble ours, their practices don’t. Some companies will charge you a commission or surprise you with hidden fees, even hours before your scheduled closing, when you’re virtually out of time to find another option. You don’t have to pay HomeVestors anything to sell your house—no commissions, no points, no typical closing costs—nothing.  

And some cash home buyers don’t have their financing lined up even when they make an offer on a house. Trying to scrounge up financing can cause them to postpone a closing or even cancel it completely at the last minute. We have relationships with preferred lenders, so finding financing is not an issue for us.  

Can you completely avoid repairs when selling a home? You can!  

We at HomeVestors® have bought houses “as is” and helped more homeowners out of tricky home situations than anyone. Plus, since homeowners are often selling a house that needs repairs to us, we have a really easy answer for selling a house in Atlanta—we’d like to buy it fast for all cash! 

Contact us to set up a time to meet you and see your house. It won’t cost you a thing, and you’re under no obligation to accept any offer we make. You have nothing to lose but the burden of needing to sell a house that needs repairs. Just fill out our online form or call us at 866-200-6475