Compare us to online companies that buy houses in Atlanta.

Get the full story before you sell your house to an iBuyer.

Compare us to online companies that buy houses in Atlanta.

Get the full story before you sell your house to an iBuyer.

Learn why HomeVestors® is one of the best cash home buyers in Atlanta.

Yes, we pay cash for houses in Atlanta, and we’re well aware that we’re not the only ones who do. In recent years, a host of companies have sprung up to compete with us as HomeVestors®, America’s #1 home buyer. Many of them are online buyers, called “iBuyers,” and what they offer sounds good: You contact them online, fill out some pages of information on you and your house, and you get an offer. Sounds so convenient and helpful. But is it too good to be true? 

An iBuyer’s purchase of your house probably won’t end as well as it begins.

Most iBuyers charge commissions, which could be 8%—that's more than the 6% commission you’d pay for all the services of a real estate agent who sells your house on the market. HomeVestors® will not charge you a commission. 

While the companies that buy houses online have a promise that sounds good with their seemingly hands-off approach, they will ultimately inspect your house. And that’s when they can surprise you with fees for repairs and other issues they discover. You may not be informed of those fees until the last minute, when you only have the option to pay the fees or else cancel the sale. Your hand may be forced because the timing of selling a house and moving can be crucial to you. And the iBuyers know that.  

We buy houses “as is;” we take repairs into account when we make our offer, so we don’t charge those hidden fees. Plus, we can often close in as little as three weeks, or later if that’s better for your schedule.  

Not only do we pay cash for houses in Atlanta, we also pay typical closing costs.

Closing costs can be another surprise when you sell to someone other than HomeVestors. According to, average closing costs in Atlanta, including property taxes, amount to more than $3,500 for a $250,000 sale. That’s a significant amount; when we pay cash for houses in Atlanta, we cover typical closing costs, and that can save you thousands. Very few companies that buy houses can say that.   

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Decades of experience can make the difference for you.

As we said, many online buyers have gone into business recently, and they don’t have the years of experience we do. We’ve bought over 140,000 houses in our more than 25 years in business. Surprises can come up in some of the most seemingly routine real estate transactions, and we’ve learned how to handle just about anything that arises. Other companies that buy houses in Atlanta may have to walk away from buying your house completely when they don’t know how to overcome obstacles to a sale.  

Would you rather sell your house to a person or an algorithm?

It’s no surprise that many companies that buy houses online rely on internet-powered resources to formulate their offers and to do business with you. It’s a bit of a cookie-cutter approach. When we pay cash for houses in Atlanta, you work with local property specialists who live and work where you do, not a remote buyer who deals with you from a distance.  

Our property specialists know your real estate market, and that helps them quickly make a fair cash offer for your house. They also take a personal approach, understanding and working with your unique situation to custom-fit the transaction to your needs and walk through every step of the sale with you. That’s part of why we’ve been able to maintain an impressive 95%* customer satisfaction rate. Companies that buy houses online just can’t deliver our personalized approach.  

There’s no faster or easier way to sell your house in Atlanta.

Contact us to set up our free consultation, when we’ll come by to meet you and see your house. We can often make our fair, fast cash offer on that first visit, and you’re under no obligation to accept it. So you have nothing to lose but the usual hassles and expenses of selling your house.