10 Smart Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

10 Smart Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

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After the kids head off to college, it doesn’t take long to realize how much extra space you have in your home. And most of that space is probably filled up with stuff. Now is the perfect time to downsize, simplify your life, and put some cash in your pocket. Free up your space with these top 10 downsizing tips.

  1. Think about the lifestyle you want to have.

Your current home may have been perfect while the kids were growing up, but times change. Spend time thinking about what you want the future to hold for you. Downtown living? Less yard work? More travel? It’s up to you.

  1. Start decluttering now, before you’re ready to downsize.

It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years. Getting rid of the things you no longer want is a time-intensive process. It’s best to start well before you face a deadline to move.

  1. Got heirlooms? Find out if anyone actually wants them.

Be prepared: your children may have no interest in some of the things that you hold dear. Check with your family members to see if there’s anything they want. Better to ask now, before you start putting items in storage.

  1. Seek professional help.

If you have a large number of antiques, consider hiring a professional estate sales company. They can appraise your antiques and even sell them for you.

  1. You don’t have to downsize everything at once.

Start with one room at a time, even one item at a time. Ask yourself: Do you love it? Do you use it? Do you have duplicates? Is it time to let it go?

  1. You need three cardboard boxes.

As you soar through your home, keep a trash can and three cardboard boxes handy: Keep, Sell, and Donate. Everything you own should fit into one of those categories.

  1. Call for a donation pickup.

If you find yourself piling up a large quantity of items to donate, call a local charity to make a pickup.

  1. Snap a photo before you let it go.

If you find an item that has happy memories, but it would be impractical to keep it, snap a photo before selling it or giving it away.

  1. Downsize a little bit every day.

Up until you actually move, every time you buy or bring home a new item, get rid of two old ones. That will help you gradually slim down overstuffed closets.

  1. Ready to take the plunge? Sell your house now.

If you’re feeling stuck in your old house, that’s a sign that it’s time to shake things up. With the kids gone and the house empty, now is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Contact HomeVestors and get a fair cash offer on your home now.