Top 10 Home Flipping Hot Spots for Hipsters

Are hipsters the hottest new market segment for home flippers? It’s entirely possible, according to a new report by RealtyTrac, a leading source for housing data. They’ve crunched the numbers to find the most profitable places in the country to sell home flips to hipsters. While the exact definition of a hipster is up for […]

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6 First-Time Home Buying Mistakes that Waste Money

What’s the best way to save money on your first home? Buying a home is not only nerve-racking, but it’s also expensive. Especially if you make any of these surprisingly costly first-time buyer blunders. Mistake #1: Worrying about missing out. One of the most expensive errors first-time homebuyers make is rushing to buy in a […]

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USA Foreclosure & Market Health

The health of the real estate market nationwide took a hit recently as the number of completed foreclosures stayed above pre-crises averages.  Though the number was acutally down by 10% year over year, the total number of Foreclosures sat above 34,000 nationwide.  That number is way above the monthly average prior to the real estate […]

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