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Does Zillow Actually Help Folks Sell Houses?

Photo Credit When people think about selling their home online, they often think about Zillow, an online internet MLS of sorts in which real estate agents, brokers, and even homeowners can list their homes for sale.  But does Zillow actually work?  Has anyone ever been successful at selling a house through Zillow? To find […]

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USA Foreclosure & Market Health

The health of the real estate market nationwide took a hit recently as the number of completed foreclosures stayed above pre-crises averages.  Though the number was actually down by 10% year over year, the total number of Foreclosures sat above 34,000 nationwide.  That number is way above the monthly average prior to the real estate […]

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Is Selling Above Market Value Do-able?

Photo Credit When people try to sell their home through a traditional real estate agent, they usually have to figure out what price they’re willing to list their home.  A good real estate agent will be able to look at comparable properties in the neighborhood, see what they sold at recently, and develop an estimated […]

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Interest Rate Hike Looms on the Horizon

It appears as if the time has finally come. For the first time since June of 2006, the Federal Reserve appears primed to raise interest rates. While it is not a guarantee that the Fed will raise rates, there are strong indications that they will. This speculation is leading many to wonder if this is […]

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Pricepoint Aims to be Zestimate Killer

It was just thirteen years ago that David Eraker co-founded Redfin, a little real estate company turn online juggernaut.  Since those days Eraker has left Redfin to do other things to shake up the online real estate community, and one of those things is being described as the “Zestimate Killer.”  Zillow’s Zestimate is best known […]

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Real Estate Trends for the Next Decade

Photo credit The real estate market in the United States is one of the most important economic indicators simply because so many people are affected by the rises and falls of home prices. With interest rates at record lows and coming out of the worst housing crash in decades several years ago, there are […]

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