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What is an iBuyer, and should you sell your house to one of them?

Are you wondering, “Should I have one of those iBuyer companies buy my home?”  There are different kinds of companies that buy houses; it’s smart to learn something about each type before you get a cash offer from one of them. How they arrive at your home value can have a big impact on the […]

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What is the cost to sell a house?

If you are considering selling your house, you may wonder how much it’s going to cost to sell it. It may be more than you think. According to Joanne McCoy, a real estate agent in Lincoln, Nebraska, “Depending on the price range of the home, I tell my clients that they need to be ready […]

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Real estate terms defined

Real estate terms and definitions you may encounter when you buy or sell a house  One of the things that may be confusing when dealing with real estate transactions is all the real estate terminology you’ll encounter. Add that unfamiliar vocabulary to all the decisions you have to make, and it can become one of […]

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3 Steps to selling a house to a cash buyer

The process of selling a house the traditional way is complicated and takes a lot of money, work, and time. The good news is that cash home buyers can buy your house without all the hassles that selling the conventional way entails. When you sell your house for cash, there will be no home showings, […]

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