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How To Sell an Inherited House

Selling an inherited house   Who owns the house? That seems like a simple question, but after the house’s original owner passes away, finding out to whom the property belongs to can be more complicated than family and friends would like.    Even after you establish who owns the property, selling an inherited house might […]

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How to avoid the costs associated with selling a home.

When you've lived long enough, you realize most things worth having will cost something. That's just reality. But no rule says you have to pay full price.   There are some workarounds and deals that can save you money. So get ready and take notes because we're about to explain how to avoid the costs […]

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How to sell my house fast in Atlanta

You can sell your house fast. Fast house sales are not out of the ordinary. You may think selling a house fast is the best solution when a new job requires you to relocate immediately or you're trying to split ownership of a house after a divorce. Life comes at you fast, but unfortunately, […]

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How to sell a house by owner

What is for sale by owner? Do you need a guide and helping hand who will walk you through your house sale, or do you see yourself taking a more hands-on approach?   For sale by owner or FSBO is the path homeowners take when they don't want to hire help to do all […]

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