HomeVestors® Blog | August 2016

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Will the 2016 Election Crush Real Estate Prices?

Photo Credit Is it true that it’s harder to sell your home during an election year?  Presidential election years are a time of political and economic uncertainty as the country decides on a direction for the next four years.  In real estate, this means that buyers, sellers and investors can be a little more […]

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5 Renovations That Can Wreck Your Home’s Value

House construction renovation abstract background Photo Credit Every home improvement project, big or small, has an impact on your home’s value. In most cases, the value goes up. But not always.  Some renovations can actually lower the value of your home, making it harder to sell.  Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home […]

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Does Zillow Actually Help Folks Sell Houses?

Photo Credit When people think about selling their home online, they often think about Zillow, an online internet MLS of sorts in which real estate agents, brokers, and even homeowners can list their homes for sale.  But does Zillow actually work?  Has anyone ever been successful at selling a house through Zillow? To find […]

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