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Do interest rates affect house prices?

What are interest rates?  Interest rates are the fees charged by lenders on borrowed money. These rates are set by the Federal Reserve (known as the Fed), but they can be influenced by a variety of local market factors as well.   To put it simply, interest rates are a lot like product prices—they […]

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How does inflation impact the housing market?

What is inflation?  You may have heard about inflation and its effects on the housing market, but you may not be quite sure what it is. Inflation is the increase in the cost of living and the general level of prices for goods and services over a period of time. It is measured by […]

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4 Hidden Costs of Water Damage to a House

photo credit After water damage is cleaned up, the drywall is repaired and the carpet is replaced, you might think your house troubles are over. But hidden problems can linger for months or even years. Water damage costs U.S. insurance companies $2.5 billion every year, but that’s only part of the story. For years after […]

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Selling a House with a Federal Tax Lien

Photo Credit: Wasson and Thornhill Even the most experienced realtors have a hard time wrapping their brain around selling a house with a tax lien. But the good news is you can sell real property, even if it has a federal tax lien attached under one circumstance.  The federal tax lien has to greater then the […]

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Why Are Realtor Commissions So High?

Photo courtesy. Realtors in the United States charge commissions that are higher than what you’d find in most of the developed world. But why is it so costly to work with an agent? Many believe that real estate agents are unnecessary middlemen who have overcharged the public for far too long. The typical real estate […]

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I’m Moving For Work – How Do I Sell My House?

Photo courtesy. If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having to move very quickly for a new job, one of first and potentially most stressful tasks to take care of is selling your home. It’s often difficult to know how long the process will take in your specific market, but you’re always […]

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