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Let’s Get Creative: 6 Ways to Finance Your Next Real Estate Investment

Photo courtesy The rebounding national real estate market makes this a great time to get back into investing, but the tighter credit markets might put a damper on your enthusiasm. Investing takes a combination of liquid assets and a stellar credit rating. Banks just aren’t as eager to hand out money like they used to […]

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Single-Family Homes as Rentals – The New York Times

JULY 17, 2014 Bulk purchases of single-family homes by hedge funds and private-equity firms have been the focus of media attention over the last few years, but individual investors are also showing interest in the market, albeit with less vigor as home prices rise. HomeVestors, a network of real estate investors known for its “We […]

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The Top Mobile Apps for Homeowners

Our newest tool for tackling projects around the house? Our smartphones. Turns out they’re good for more than just playing Angry Birds. The booming app market is full of useful tools to help homeowners, from apps that give decorating advice to home improvement tips, to-do lists and “mobile handyman” apps that guide you through repairs. […]

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Should Investors Buy Upside Down Homes?

Photo courtesy Real estate investors are an opportunistic bunch, and we’re always looking for those hidden treasures that have the potential to turn the next big profit. But it’s a balancing act. The projects that promise the biggest rewards often come with the biggest risks, and something that a lot of real estate gurus have […]

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