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How to Refinance Your Home

There is so much information out on the Internet that when it comes to refinancing homes it can be not only tricky to find the truth, but stressful. If you’re trusting your financial future to a random article off the Internet you might be in for some trouble. That’s why we’ve reached out to experts […]

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How to Buy a Home Without a Mortgage

As time goes by, the American Dream is to rent not buy. There was a time this talk would have been crazy. Some might still think that way. But the more that comes out, Millennials are the Cheapest Generation, as The Atlantic writes about here. They’re not spending their money on homes or cars, amongst […]

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Landlord Nightmares From Around the Internet

Being a landlord is tough. No one foresees an investment going south, especially when you find a tenant who meets your strict renters criteria. But sometimes out of the blue the occasional phone calls to fix a toilet turns south and leaves the investor terrified of the situation. Sometimes it’s good to learn from others’ […]

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