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6 Home Selling Blunders That Will Cost You Money

Photo courtesy. Selling a home quickly and getting the best price for it,isn’t as complicated as you might think. But a few simple mistakes could potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Avoiding these six mistakes will help you sell your home faster and get a better price. Mistake #1: Pricing Too High The […]

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What Higher Interest Rates Will Mean for You

Photo courtesy. Interest rates have been at rock bottom since the recession began in 2008, but now the Fed is drawing out plans to gradually begin raising interest rates again. The Fed is trying to assure that the hikes will be gradual, but the fact is, they’ll affect the entire economy. Janet Yellen, the Federal […]

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Where is Rent Actually Falling?

Everywhere you turn, people focus on the astronomical prices of the rent. It seems cities all over the country face this growing problem – not enough places for people to rent, which leads to huge rental prices, which leads to people not being able to afford what’s out there. Of course, the easy solution […]

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Best School Districts for Your Money

  Leverage your money to get the highest quality education for your kids. You may be asking: what are the best places for your kids to attend school across the U.S. We’ve compiled our suggestions for school districts to consider for your search to educate your kids and provide affordable housing from different states […]

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