HomeVestors® Blog | August 2015

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Higher Interest Rates: Good or Bad for Real Estate?

Photo courtesy. The Federal Reserve expects to raise long-term interest rates by the end of the year. Will the rate hike have a significant impact on the real estate market? And if so, will it make the market better for buyers or sellers? Or will things get worse all around? When will interest rates increase? […]

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How to Sell Fast when you have a New Job

Your family is probably overjoyed at the new job that means moving to a new state, more opportunities and a nice increase in salary. However, there is still the matter of selling the house. Unfortunately, many job transfers require you to report to the new job quickly, and it may be difficult to sell a […]

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Rent Goes Up and Health Goes Down

In many of the nation’s 35 largest metropolitan areas, rent has increased beyond affordable rates for a number of residents. For instance, Detroit has one of the most affordable rental rates of the largest metropolitan areas. However, it takes dual income earners to be able to afford the current prices of rent in that market. […]

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