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How to Choose a Title Company

Photo Credit You’ve jumped through every hoop, signed every paper and now it’s time to close on your house.  But now you’re scratching your head about finding the right title company to help you close!  Choosing the right title company or attorney to handle your closing can mean the difference between smooth sailing or rocky […]

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3 Tips to Fixing Your Credit and Qualifying for a Mortgage

Photo Credit It can be frustrating to go through the headache of being turned down from receiving a home loan.  Fortunately, you’re not the only person to have walked this path, and the good news is the trail has been blazed and your path to receiving a mortgage is just around the corner.  Follow our […]

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How to Get a Mortgage When You Have Student Loans

Photo courtesy. Banks have tightened up their lending rules in the years following the housing crash of 2008, making it more difficult than ever for some people to get mortgages. Is it possible to get a mortgage when you have student loans? It is, but it requires some work and a little compromise. Almost seven […]

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