HomeVestors® Blog | March 2016

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Top 5 Myths Surrounding Hail Damaged Roofs

The number one thing that beats up a roof over the course of it’s life is hail.  In fact, hail damage can be one of the single largest insurance claims you’ll have to make for your house.  According to Apex Roofing hail accounts for more than $1.6 billion in roof damage every year.  It […]

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Top 3 Worst Home Renovations To Kill Your Equity

Photo Credit The excitement that comes with completing a big home renovations is palpable in the DIY community.  But before you head over to Lowe’s and drop down a few hundred on tools and materials you may want to assess the true impact your addition will have on your property value.  Many just assume […]

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Top Real Estate Clauses for Home Buyers

Photo Credit So you’ve been saving pennies, go out with your real estate agent, and found your perfect home, but now that their is a contract you’re scratching your head.  When dealing with buying and selling real estate you need to know the law requires everything in writing.  You will have to sign a […]

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