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Selling Your House After a Fire

photo credit How to Sell Your House After a Fire The pain and destruction caused by a house fire can be traumatic. Besides the loss of priceless personal belongings, a typical home fire causes more than $18,000 in damage, making it difficult to sell the home. Fires damage more than 350,000 homes every year, according […]

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Liquid Foundation Repair Kits: Do They Really Work?

photo credit Hiring a structural engineer to repair your foundation is painfully expensive, so it’s tempting to look for a less expensive DIY solution. For $60 or less, liquid foundation repair kits promise a simple, permanent repair for cracked concrete. But do they really fix the problem? How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your […]

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How to Deal with Difficult Tenants

photo credit The wrong tenants can cause expensive repairs, legal trouble and other headaches that make you wish you had never become a landlord. Here’s your guide to dealing with common tenant troubles. 1. Non-Paying Tenants Unpaid rent may be the most frequent problem landlords face. When tenants make excuses or try to avoid collection […]

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